American River Conservancy

Sundays, December 10, January 14, and February 11, 10am-1pm

Instructor Yasmin Spiegel is a “Sensei“ (teacher) in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana: Japanese flower arranging. Ages 8+w/adult supervision. Cost: Individual classes $35/members, $40/non-members. A detailed email will be sent once you register online. REGISTRATION LINK

December - “Lights Under Water” A Holiday Celebration Arrangement: Holidays are a wonderful time to gather and celebrate with family and friends! Sogetsu Ikebana makes generous use of festive materials to create beautiful center pieces, outdoor wreathes and eye-catching arrangements to decorate your home. In this class we will arrange fragrant pine, eucalyptus, and herbs, along with colorful flowers in glass containers. The arrangement will be lit from within by underwater lights, adding an extra brightness to your Winter Solstice celebration. Bring a glass container, either tall cylindrical style or low, flat suiban. Flowers and greens, as well as lights will be provided.

American River Conservancy

Dec 10, 2023
10:00 AM PST to 1:00 PM PST
RSVP Required